Simple CMS For Your HTML Website

Bootstrap Themes, Foundation Templates, HTML5 Boilerplate, all supported!



Drag & drop everything

Drag & drop items from your desktop, other browser window, YouTube, Google maps, Twitter, ... It will work.


Works with plain HTML

Sitecake reads, modifies and saves changes in regular HTML files. No PHP or template language knowledge required.


No database needed

All changes are saved directly in HTML page, all images in file system. Once you finish editing you still have a static website.



We would love people to use, improve, build upon, expand and earn with Sitecake. Fork and have some fun, it’s on Github.

How To Install

<div class="sc-content">
<h1>Fine looking heading</h1>
<img src=”feature.jpg">
<p>Some text</p>

First, add sc-content class to divs you want editable


Second, upload Sitecake to the same folder as your website

Third, point browser to and login with ‘admin’ pass to start editing

Featured Websites

Sitecake runs websites for non-profits, college projects, art portfolios, restaurants, bed and breakfast, lawyer offices, medical clinics, even multi billion dollar investment funds. See some of them...